How to clean the roller of the wood planer?

Wood planers are a common and indispensable tool for carpenters. It supports the surface of the wood panel to become flatter and smoother.

In the market, Planers are available in many shapes and sizes, but they all have similar components and parts that you need to adjust and clean regularly. Regular cleaning is extremely necessary. Because it keeps your planer in the best state and maintains high productivity when operating.

In today’s article, we will show about how to clean and maintain the feed rollers on your best wood planer and step by step guide following the process. Let’s start.

Types of planers

There are two main types of wood planers: thickness planers and surface planers

The best thickness planer is the best wood planer for the mone used to thicken the wood to keep the surface of the wood flat and smooth. And it gives you more control, so you can create a very suitable board thickness, ensuring that the wood is not a cone shape.

Surface planer is the best wood planer for beginners. It is the ideal tool for planing surfaces on wooden boards. Surface planers have a small advantage in that you can create a flat surface in one run. However, if you do not measure accurately the depth you need to remove from the wood, you may end up with an unusable board.

No matter what planer you have, what functions it has. The feed rollers in either of these planers should be properly cleaned to ensure proper running

Parts of a Planer

A planer is made up of three parts: a pair of feed rollers that draw across the board you are cutting; a cutting head containing a cutting knife; and a table that can be adjusted based on the cutting head so you can control the resulting thickness of the board you are cutting

Each planer has different methods for fixing tables and feed rollers and cutting heads, but they all work in similar ways.

How to clean the roller

For your planer device to work properly, the table needs to be parallel to the length of the cutter head and the rollers must hold firmly and securely to the table with the knives placed the same height. Therefore, you need your planer rollers to be clean for best performance

The feed rollers are usually made from serrated metal or rubber. Most rollers on the planer have springs and need to be regularly cleaned and adjusted to ensure that the pressure is adequate when working on a wooden surface.

Step 1: Start by unplugging the planer and removing any debris and rust from its table. Lift the assembly head or lower the table so that all areas can be cleaned.

Step 2: Clean. If you have serrated metal rollers, clean them with wire brush and solvent. If you have rubber rollers, clean them with a rag soaked in appropriate detergent.

Note: Gently wipe your rollers so you don’t damage them.

Step 3: Once you’ve cleaned all the areas, turn on your planer to spin for a minute, then turn it off and unplug it again. Repeat the above process for a second cleaning

What to do if the planer roller does not feed

Your planer roller stops feeding even though you have cleaned your feed roller. You may need to perform a few additional steps. If your planer does not feed:

  • Use a bright light to check your rollers after each use to make sure they’re clean.
  • Sharpen and reverse or replace the cut knife.
  • Make sure your feed rollers do not have any deep grooves.

If you find that the feed is still having problems, check the area where the roller is located. Occasionally, sawdust, dust, and wood chips can enter this area and cause problems. Moreover, If too much sawdust and wood chips accumulate around the feed rollers, you may observe that your end product is not perfect.

In conclusion

Proper cleaning of your feed rollers will ensure that you can use your device efficiently and safely for a long time. Like any piece of woodworking machinery, cleaning and storing your planer is an important part of maintaining its working state.

By following the steps presented above, you can ensure that you are keeping your device in the best state while creating a great product. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

The prominent features of the water pliers’ construction

Working as a writer, I always want to give you the best useful information and the best interesting things in our life. That is all of my hope when I write each article. So to begin this article today, I would like to ask you a question “ can you count exactly how many pliers are there in our world?”. I think that a lot of people can not answer this question for a short time. The reason is that people have produced a variety type of pliers with different functions and meanings in our life. Most of the pliers have their important meaning in our life. Besides, I think that a common person will be difficult to understand all the advantages and features of all pliers nowadays. Only the person who works with them every day has deep knowledge of each type. In this article, I would like to show you a popular plier that is called the water pliers.

Who use water pliers?

We can see that each type of pliers will have its people who work with it. Let me give you some examples here. With the electronic pliers, the electricians will use it to complete their works. Besides, the electricians can also use other pliers such as cutting wire pliers, plucking wire pliers, or pointed beak pliers. That also can explain why people invented different types of pliers.

The water pliers are a special device and indispensable in our life. The water pliers are specially designed for water repairman. Like other pliers, the water pliers are a held hand tool that is designed to do a lot of work such as twisting water pipes and drain plugs. It can be seen that electricity and water are two factors that we contact and see every day in each family. So we must have some common devices that can help us repair and use electricity and water well. The water pliers are the best choice for not only the water repairman but also each of us to work every day.

The important structure of the water pliers

We can see that in the previous article, I often write about the construction of some pliers that are utilized widely in telecommunication work and electricity work. Both of the common pliers in repairing have small and compact designs that are very convenient for users. In contrast, the water pliers are specially designed that mainly applied in the removal of large-sized bolts. So it is clear that while other types of pliers are widely utilized in small repairing works, the water pliers are mainly used a lot in large-scale factories.

Have you ever used the water pliers before? If you did not, I would help you learn more about the structure of the water pliers in this article. As I know, most of the pliers are made of high-quality materials such as good plastic, good steel, or good iron. The purpose of the producers is that they want to make the pliers have a long life for working. That also makes the users have the belief to buy and use their products a lot of time. With the water pliers, the producers designed this device with high-quality alloy material and hard steel that makes this device have high rigidity and good stamina. The quality of each device or machine is an important concern with every consumer. The consumers will always choose the products with high quality and durability. With the water pliers, dismantling devices that use high force becomes simpler and easier. Moreover, we do not have to worry about hand fatigue when using for a long time.

The water pliers are different from other types of pliers about many features in construction. I can say that water pliers have high applications and high functions in our life. The water pliers can be useful for not only one type of detail but also various types of details with different sizes. The aperture of the water pliers is quite large and can be changed to be suitable for the using purpose to remove different sized parts. That is one of the reasons that makes the water pliers have high price compared with other pliers on the market nowadays. However, I think that the price of the pliers is less important than the quality of the pliers. So we should buy the best pliers set to use.

In conclusion

I hope that the information in this article about the water pliers can be useful for you and your family. And no matter what work you do, you need to carefully understand and choose the appropriate devices or machines to get high efficiency.

Hybrid table saws: The guidelines to pay attention to when buying

Do you know hybrid table saws? It is gradually asserting itself in the market of table saws today. It is increasingly trusted and used by many people. You are hesitating whether or not to buy this table saw or buy other types of table saws as the portable table saw, cabinet table saw. Don’t worry, in this article today I will show you some of the features of this device for you to learn to make the best choice.

Hybrid table saw

Hybrid table saws

About power and speed

If you want to buy a table saw of this type, be assured of its power. Most devices of this type of table saw have engines from 1.1 – 2 HP or 1.2 – 4Hp. However, some machines have engines up to 3HP. In short, if you want to cut hard and thick wood, the bigger the engine the better.

About the power and speed required by the voltage when using this device is about 110V. However, some devices require a power outlet to connect to 220V.

The safety function of the machine

Many people only use manual saws like hand saws. They found that table saws were extremely difficult to use and extremely dangerous. If looking at its large appearance, it might be true.

 Most table saws are equipped with safety features such as protection of blades and rive knives. These two points help prevent potential risks. It is also provided with an appropriate padlock when placing equipment in the classroom or in the home with children to protect people around. The power button of the device is also relatively large to help you turn on and off easily and quickly.

Driving belt

When you are looking to buy the best hybrid table saw, be sure to see if it is implemented with a belt drive.

The belt drive system uses the belt and pulley attached to the saw blade while the equipment is in direct drive. The advantage of this system is torque and longevity. When the engine is away from the saw blade, it will prevent dust, dirt or other particles from shooting into the engine. During the time, the motor may be damaged.

However, with this system, you must always pay attention to regular cleaning to be able to use for a long time.

Dust collector

This is the part you can see in all table saws. An indispensable part, if you want your work area to be clean and loose of dust. If you use a saw for your family, you only need to buy a device equipped with a dust collector to about 4 range. If you use it for a factory, you need to buy a table saw with a larger dust container to hold a lot of dust for a long time.

Size and portability of the device

What is the purpose of buying your saw for? Use for home or factory? Want to leave it in a room or warehouse? Why do I ask these questions? Because as I said above, this type of sawing machine has a relatively large size of about 500 pounds which is difficult to move. However, some machines weigh only 200 pounds, if you want to move, you must also equip the wheels for the machine.

Cutting ability

The saw blade of this machine is extremely durable and sturdy. You can cut most angles from cutting bevel, ripping to miter, … extremely flexible.


Because it is equipped with many outstanding features, the machine has a proportionately high price. You should consider it carefully before buying it.

I have finished talking about the criteria you need to pay attention to and learn when you want to buy the best hybrid table saws as well as other table saws like the best portable table saw. Although this saw has a smaller appearance and is relatively heavy compared to a cabinet saw. But you will never be disappointed with its outstanding features. Hope you will consider and make the right decision.

The applications of a cordless wood drill for the carpenters

It is not deniable that wood plays an important role in our life. Since ancient times, wood is an indispensable fuel in daily life. It helps to create household furniture such as cabinets, chairs, tables, beds, and many other wood objects. In this article, I will introduce to you an important tool that every carpenter also needs that is a cordless wood drill. So let’s find out what is a cordless drill? And its applications in life.

What is a cordless wood drill?

When it comes to the carpenters, we have to mention the cordless wood drill in their toolbox. It is a device with a drill bit used to drill holes on the surface of the wood. The cordless wood drill is very popular to the carpenters and widely used in all over the world.

The prominent applications of a cordless wood drill

The cordless wood drill has a lot of advantages and applications in our life especially, in carpentry. I will share to you some prominent applications of this tool here.

  • The cordless wood drill is designed with a compact and portable drill: because it weighs only 1,5 kg, it is very convenient for the carpenters to move it to different places easily when using. The important advantage of a cordless wood drill is that you can still work in places where there is no electricity. Because it is battery powered, you just need to fully charge before using it. So you can carry it to any places that are high and narrow places or difficult to access. Besides, the cordless wood drill is very easy to use.
  • The cordless wood drill is a specialized drilling machine withy many features. Firstly, the carpenters can use it to punch on wood material. There are many types of drill bits for different needs and the diameter of its drill bits if from 15 to 50 mm. It is very important for you to choose an appropriate drill bit for your needs. Besides, the cordless wood drill is also used to screw to a fixed position. Because it is made of alloy steel and high- quality plastic material, it is very durable and can withstand harsh working conditions.
  • The cordless wood drill helps the carpenters work easier and more efficient: that is one of the most important functions of a cordless wood drill. With solid drill bits, the carpenters can drill quickly and make the beautiful holes. Especially, it does not damage the area around the drill point. There are so many kinds of cordless wood drill on the market nowadays, so you need to choose the best cordless drill to get the best effective result with your jobs. Besides, the cordless wood drill is also an efficient tool to create beautiful art details in carpentry.

Some disadvantages of the cordless wood drill

We can not deny that the cordless wood drill brings us many benefits in our life especially, in carpentry. However, everything will have both sides: the advantage and disadvantage, and the cordless wood drill are not excepted.

  • The cordless wood drill has less energy to supply the motor because it is not directly connected to the electrical outlet.
  • You need to charge this machine before using it. And for a long time, you must replace the battery.
  • The cordless wood drill may be more expensive than other kinds of wood drill on the market.

In conclusion

The cordless wood drill is very important to each carpenter in carpentry. I hope you can get some useful information for your needs from this article.

Air moisture meter: Why need to buy and User guide

Whether the air moisture is too high or too low, there are effects on people and things around: High humidity is always an ideal environment for mold to grow and develop, in addition to dust also tends to increase in high humidity environments. They will absorb into your walls, items, and furniture, causing damage, rust (metal materials). Walls and ceilings may peel or be damp. The steam in the air causes the structure of the wood to change, the wood will become weaker, leading to decay and damage quickly. High moisture also makes the ability to escape sweat worse, the skin surface of the body always has a layer of sweat causing discomfort and fatigue, the body easily suffers from diseases of the skin and the flu.

Conversely. If the humidity is too low, it is not good for us. It leads to sweating flying fast that makes the skin surface dry, chapped, especially in the lips, legs, and hands. Therefore, an air moisture meter is a very practical and important product in our lives.

In this article, I will talk about why we have to buy this watch. And how to use it for those who still don’t know.

The meter is designed to be compact, advanced and easy to use

Air moisture meter has a compact size, eye-catching and advanced design, so it is easy to install and transport. Besides, the product is integrated with digital sciences, the screen displays sharp, gives the authentication parameters, create convenience when using.

Not only that, but the device also updates the message continuously with the changing frequency of the temperature so you can monitor the difference in humidity and temperature inside and outside the room.

An air moisture meter in the room integrates many functions

A moisture meter in the room is also used for vertical display to use an iron or wall. The device incorporates an outdoor sensor function with powerful wireless technology, a good battery indicator light and a hook for buyers to easily fit in the room.

Flexible operation

Not only does it measure the temperature and humidity in the room, but it also helps you monitor the temperature outside, by attaching a sensitive probe pulled from the device out. From there, you can assess exactly what outdoor temperature is with an amplitude of -14 to 70 degrees.

Air humidity meter in the room consumes less energy

The humidity meter in the room applies advanced measuring circuit technology, the large digital liquid crystal display should consume less energy, helping users to save more electricity.

In addition, the device also has the ability to save minimum, maximum cumulative or daily values, and features a selection of 0C and 0F ratio, making it convenient to use.

An air moisture meter in room limit the impact of weather on your family’s activities and health

The device can monitor the weather and limit the effects of weather on the activities and health of all family members through specific data on temperature, humidity and give warning.

Instructions for using an air moisture meter

The small size is very convenient, portable and special is very easy to use. In order to effectively use and extend the machine life, you need to follow the instruction steps below

Step 1: Open the lid and check the equipment inside the moisture meter

Step 2: Insert the battery into the device in the right direction, then start the machine by pressing the power button

Step 3: After a few seconds, you can read the results. The machine will return two results, showing the percentage of humidity of the air, the temperature, depending on the adjustment, will show the unit as 0C or 0F

Step 4: Users can use the available cable to connect the probe to be able to measure the humidity in a wide range, or measure it in another location without wanting to bring it to that location.

Step 5: Adjust the time of the portable moisture meter, users can use the MODE & ADJ button, adjust the calendar using the ADJ button.

Note: After use, clean the probe and store it in the box. Please note that do not leave the device in direct sunlight or where there is a lot of liquid.

In conclusion

I have presented some reasons why you have to buy a moisture meter for your family. Besides, I also show how to use for those who don’t know. If you want to buy the best moisture meter (click here), you should go to reputable facilities to buy or buy brands that are commonly used by people. Hope this article will be useful for you.

Christmas Time in the City

The holiday season is in full swing, and as I mentioned a few weeks a go, I was really looking forward to decorating for the first time in two years. I found ways to be festive while in India last year, but I had so much fun pulling  out my Christmas decor this year, including some of my finds in India. In the pictures below you might notice a sparkly stocking and some pretty ceramic votive holders. I brought both back, as well as lots of ornaments and I will look forward to pulling them out year after year to remember my Christmas in India.

Anyway, I didn’t go all out this year but I am pretty happy with the little touches to my mantel and my windows and using wreaths and greenery to add some Christmas-y touches. Happy holidays!

Mad for Plaid

It’s hard to believe that December is here and the holiday season is in full swing. One of my favorite things about cold weather season is the emergence of plaid. I have had the same plaid and checked scarves for over a decade and it amazes me how they never ever go out of style. Here are some great options if you are looking to add some plaid to your look or home.

Giving Thanks

I have watched all month as people on Facebook have posted about what they are thankful for. I am not a big Facebook-er but I love the idea of writing it out so I am going to do it again this year. Last year at this time life was very different. I was living in India, and really still residing in DC. I didn’t get to experience fall at all, and this year I was lucky enough to experience a New England fall, now living in Boston. Lots of changes. But one thing remains the same, I am very lucky to have what I do and want to be more thankful every day.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and “framilies“! XO!

1. I am thankful for my framiliy! I am lucky to have a close-knit family, but it’s my “friend family” that I relied on for many years before moving back to Boston. I am so fortunate to have found such a remarkable group of people when I moved to DC. They are the best a girl could ask for, I miss them every day and appreciate them more than ever now. You know who you are!

2. I am thankful for physical therapy. Over the course of the move, so soon after surgery, I had some pretty severe symptoms and was having trouble just walking. I found an amazing therapist in Boston and I am feeling so much more on my way to a full recovery.

3. I am thankful for my health, but also that I am fortunate enough to have great healthcare. With all the politics involved in this debate we can’t forget that there are many people who don’t have access to even the most basic care.

4. I am thankful for puffer jackets! Never bought one in DC, it’s a necessity now.

5. I am thankful for the new spin studio I found in Boston. For some reason biking is easier on me than a lot of other exercise so I am finally getting some regular cardio again. Great for the mind, body and soul.

6. I am thankful for history. We have such a rich history in the U.S. and I love the way we honor so much of it with really thoughtful and poignant tributes. The assassination of JFK, the 50th anniversary of the “I have a dream” speech, baseball championships, you name it, we know how to celebrate the past and what it means to the present.

7. I am thankful for Instagram. It is by far my favorite social media platform and I swear it helps me step up my photography skills.

8. I am thankful for having gotten to spend so much time in the Cape this fall. It’s such a great time of year there, which I haven’t experienced in over a decade. I feel lucky to be reminded how enjoyable it is.

9. I am thankful for trains and airplanes. (Notice I didn’t say airlines :)). I have traveled a lot over the last few months, mostly for work, but for fun too and it never ceases to amaze me how much connectivity we have.

10. I am thankful for the view from a plane just above the clouds at dusk or early in the morning. That view is truly priceless.

11. I am thankful for new experiences. As hard as it can be to feel like a stranger in a strange land most of the time being back in Boston, I have already met lots of nice people and found new things to appreciate in the city.

12. I am thankful for my family and friends here in Massachusetts. My favorite part about the last few months has been the ability to spend more time with the people I love most here, and not feel rushed and time crunched like I always did when visiting.

13. I am thankful for memories. This time last year I was across the world, but I love thinking back to where I was a year ago and all the fun memories I made and people I met in India.

14. I am thankful for our men and women serving in the military. At the Pats game on Sunday, they were celebrating our troops and there were some pretty emotional tributes to service members who have lost limbs and endured some pretty heavy stuff. It really puts things into perspective and we all need to appreciate the lives we lead here in the U.S., in large part due to the sacrifices made by others.

15. I am thankful for fall foliage. There is nothing like walking through some colorful crunchy leaves on a chilly day. As they say, life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

16. I am thankful for coffee. I am pretty much useless until I have that first sip in the morning, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

17. I am thankful for my new home in Boston. It’s in a great neighborhood, and while it has its quirks, I am very lucky to have found a place like this to start my new life here.

18. I am thankful for old photos. I love looking at old pictures. My Memere had a huge board with decades of pictures of our family in her home when she was alive and I loved looking at it. Picture sharing is now a part of our daily life, but old pictures are better sometimes because of their pre-digital age imperfections!

19. I am thankful for Pinterest. Talk about the ultimate inspiration board. No matter what you need: a recipe, a workout, an outfit idea, an inspirational quote, it’s all right there. I love the way technology enables so much access to sharing information. (Especially when that information is food/fashion/decor related!)

20. I am thankful for the ability to cook. I truly enjoy the process of baking or making one of my favorite recipes and sharing those recipes with friends and family. I consider it a compliment that I am often tasked with dinner planning and cooking when I am with my family.

21. I am thankful for the ability to drive. There is something so great about a good road trip and the freedom being behind the wheel can bring. My sister and I always talk about how we became emotionally attached to all the cars we have had because of the freedom they represented and memories made with each one.

22. I am thankful for quiet moments. It’s difficult to turn it all off, and so rare really. I am trying to get in the habit of just being quiet a little more often. The technology (and emails!) will be there regardless, there is no reason for FOMO!

23. I am thankful for music. I am one of those people who appreciates any and all kinds of music, I love to dance, and I am still amazed at the way a song can lift my mood, make me emotional or hit me with major nostalgia from the past.

24. I am thankful for the things that just make life easier, the Hail app for cabs, Seamless for take out, Flight Board for travel. Like it or not technology is making us more efficient in some aspects!

25. I am thankful for holiday traditions. I am excited to address cards, decorate and watch my favorite holiday movies (The Holiday, White Christmas, Charlie Brown, Rudolph (with claymation!).

26. I am thankful for pens and paper. I am a person who needs to write it all down: lists, goals, data dumps, doodles. I love a blank notebook to fill however I like, it keeps me sane and somewhat organized.

27. I am thankful for late night comedians. It has seriously been silly season from a political/celebrity standpoint over the last few months, and the ability to laugh at it all sometimes serves as a bit of therapy. Someecards is another great source for sarcastic humor.

28. I am thankful for random acts of kindness. I experienced one the other day and it’s great. Paying it forward is always a good idea.

29. I am thankful for garden fresh vegetables. My Dad has been doing farm-to-table since before it was trendy, and most of the vegetables on our Thanksgiving table are from his garden.

30. I am thankful that I have wonderful family and hot meal to enjoy on Thanksgiving, it’s so easy to take that for granted. We have had the same tradition for as long as I can remember and I know that’s not always the case for others and that alone is something to be thankful for.

Tulip Table

My new apartment is finally feeling like it’s coming together. I feel like it will never be done, and there is still some small things I need to address, but the last big thing I need to do is create a small dining area. I definitely eat on the couch more than I would like to admit, but I don’t want to be without the option. Of course the biggest challenge is space. I had my heart set on the IKEA Docksta but I think it’s too big, so now I am searching for a smaller option.

Anyway, these were the pics I pinned for inspiration and how I hope to pull it all together. I love the Rattan Bistro Chairs from IKEA, if I can’t have the table at least I get to fall back on those, as a much more affordable alternative to french bistro chairs. How would you style a small dining area?

Jingle Bell Rock

It’s hard to believe but it is time to start thinking about decorating! I am excited to pull out my holiday decor for the first time in two years. I also brought some great stuff back from India so that is exciting too. I do miss my wonderful little DC apartment though, it had a working fireplace and had room for a full size tree, not so much room in the new place (plus there are four flights of stairs to climb!), but I will enjoy decorating it anyway.

I love simple but sophisticated holiday decorations that you can work into your everyday decor. I  am not a huge fan of tons of nick -nacks. But I do love little white lights and simple touches that make all the difference during the holidays. Here are some of my favorites from around the web.

I am thinking a small tree like this might work for my place. I have a great copper pot I can use to put it in.

I also love this idea as an alternative to a tree. The space above my sofa is currently empty so this is an option as well.

Thankfully I still have a mantel and I always appreciate the simplicity of greens to dress one up.

I am a big fan of pinecones in winter decor (added bonus, you can leave them up post-holiday!), this is an easy DIY with items you probably already have and free pinecones.

And if you do have a big beautiful tree to decorate consider adding some non-traditional color into the mix. I also love the look of wreaths on windows, I have been replicating that look in my holiday decorating for a decade.