Welcome to Courcy Inspired Design! I started this blog as a journal of sorts, where I can post pictures of the pretty things that inspire me every day.  I am very interested in interior design and also consider myself somewhat of a fashion junkie who can spend all day reading blogs and paging through magazines dreaming about what my home, wardrobe, and would-be life of travel would look like.

The name of my blog was inspired by my Memere (French grandmother), who had an incredible sense of style, was a skilled knitter and crafter, and she taught me so much through the years. I know I get much of my sense of style from her.

This being my first attempt at blogging I believe this is a work in progress that will likely evolve over time, and I am excited to hear your thoughts as I learn my way. I am also looking forward to being inspired by my readers and other bloggers throughout this journey.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back again soon!