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Air moisture meter: Why need to buy and User guide

Whether the air moisture is too high or too low, there are effects on people and things around: High humidity is always an ideal environment for mold to grow and develop, in addition to dust also tends to increase in high humidity environments. They will absorb into your walls, items, and furniture, causing damage, rust (metal materials). Walls and ceilings may peel or be damp. The steam in the air causes the structure of the wood to change, the wood will become weaker, leading to decay and damage quickly. High moisture also makes the ability to escape sweat worse, the skin surface of the body always has a layer of sweat causing discomfort and fatigue, the body easily suffers from diseases of the skin and the flu.

Conversely. If the humidity is too low, it is not good for us. It leads to sweating flying fast that makes the skin surface dry, chapped, especially in the lips, legs, and hands. Therefore, an air moisture meter is a very practical and important product in our lives.

In this article, I will talk about why we have to buy this watch. And how to use it for those who still don’t know.

The meter is designed to be compact, advanced and easy to use

Air moisture meter has a compact size, eye-catching and advanced design, so it is easy to install and transport. Besides, the product is integrated with digital sciences, the screen displays sharp, gives the authentication parameters, create convenience when using.

Not only that, but the device also updates the message continuously with the changing frequency of the temperature so you can monitor the difference in humidity and temperature inside and outside the room.

An air moisture meter in the room integrates many functions

A moisture meter in the room is also used for vertical display to use an iron or wall. The device incorporates an outdoor sensor function with powerful wireless technology, a good battery indicator light and a hook for buyers to easily fit in the room.

Flexible operation

Not only does it measure the temperature and humidity in the room, but it also helps you monitor the temperature outside, by attaching a sensitive probe pulled from the device out. From there, you can assess exactly what outdoor temperature is with an amplitude of -14 to 70 degrees.

Air humidity meter in the room consumes less energy

The humidity meter in the room applies advanced measuring circuit technology, the large digital liquid crystal display should consume less energy, helping users to save more electricity.

In addition, the device also has the ability to save minimum, maximum cumulative or daily values, and features a selection of 0C and 0F ratio, making it convenient to use.

An air moisture meter in room limit the impact of weather on your family’s activities and health

The device can monitor the weather and limit the effects of weather on the activities and health of all family members through specific data on temperature, humidity and give warning.

Instructions for using an air moisture meter

The small size is very convenient, portable and special is very easy to use. In order to effectively use and extend the machine life, you need to follow the instruction steps below

Step 1: Open the lid and check the equipment inside the moisture meter

Step 2: Insert the battery into the device in the right direction, then start the machine by pressing the power button

Step 3: After a few seconds, you can read the results. The machine will return two results, showing the percentage of humidity of the air, the temperature, depending on the adjustment, will show the unit as 0C or 0F

Step 4: Users can use the available cable to connect the probe to be able to measure the humidity in a wide range, or measure it in another location without wanting to bring it to that location.

Step 5: Adjust the time of the portable moisture meter, users can use the MODE & ADJ button, adjust the calendar using the ADJ button.

Note: After use, clean the probe and store it in the box. Please note that do not leave the device in direct sunlight or where there is a lot of liquid.

In conclusion

I have presented some reasons why you have to buy a moisture meter for your family. Besides, I also show how to use for those who don’t know. If you want to buy the best moisture meter (click here), you should go to reputable facilities to buy or buy brands that are commonly used by people. Hope this article will be useful for you.

Mad for Plaid

It’s hard to believe that December is here and the holiday season is in full swing. One of my favorite things about cold weather season is the emergence of plaid. I have had the same plaid and checked scarves for over a decade and it amazes me how they never ever go out of style. Here are some great options if you are looking to add some plaid to your look or home.

Tulip Table

My new apartment is finally feeling like it’s coming together. I feel like it will never be done, and there is still some small things I need to address, but the last big thing I need to do is create a small dining area. I definitely eat on the couch more than I would like to admit, but I don’t want to be without the option. Of course the biggest challenge is space. I had my heart set on the IKEA Docksta but I think it’s too big, so now I am searching for a smaller option.

Anyway, these were the pics I pinned for inspiration and how I hope to pull it all together. I love the Rattan Bistro Chairs from IKEA, if I can’t have the table at least I get to fall back on those, as a much more affordable alternative to french bistro chairs. How would you style a small dining area?