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Mad for Plaid

It’s hard to believe that December is here and the holiday season is in full swing. One of my favorite things about cold weather season is the emergence of plaid. I have had the same plaid and checked scarves for over a decade and it amazes me how they never ever go out of style. Here are some great options if you are looking to add some plaid to your look or home.

Jingle Bell Rock

It’s hard to believe but it is time to start thinking about decorating! I am excited to pull out my holiday decor for the first time in two years. I also brought some great stuff back from India so that is exciting too. I do miss my wonderful little DC apartment though, it had a working fireplace and had room for a full size tree, not so much room in the new place (plus there are four flights of stairs to climb!), but I will enjoy decorating it anyway.

I love simple but sophisticated holiday decorations that you can work into your everyday decor. I  am not a huge fan of tons of nick -nacks. But I do love little white lights and simple touches that make all the difference during the holidays. Here are some of my favorites from around the web.

I am thinking a small tree like this might work for my place. I have a great copper pot I can use to put it in.

I also love this idea as an alternative to a tree. The space above my sofa is currently empty so this is an option as well.

Thankfully I still have a mantel and I always appreciate the simplicity of greens to dress one up.

I am a big fan of pinecones in winter decor (added bonus, you can leave them up post-holiday!), this is an easy DIY with items you probably already have and free pinecones.

And if you do have a big beautiful tree to decorate consider adding some non-traditional color into the mix. I also love the look of wreaths on windows, I have been replicating that look in my holiday decorating for a decade.

Ice Ice Baby

Late last week and over the weekend the cold really started to set in causing me to start thinking about winter coats. In DC its cold, but you can get away with the most basic of winter wear in my view. Not the case here in Boston! December, January and February will be very cold and require lots of bundling when leaving the house.

I think I am looking for two different coats. I want a down puffer jacket to keep me warm and will also be useful in the snow and cold rain that we will get. While a long puffer is attractive, I also like the idea of a shorter one that can double as a ski jacket since I plan to get some skiing in this year. I also want something a little dressier that still keeps me warm but also has some style. My dream dressy coat is the one above from Emerson Fry, a Christmas gift to myself, perhaps?

I also think that it will be important to have some good accessories as well. I love long gloves because it’s so much easier to avoid that little gap between the sleeve of your jacket and the top of the glove.  I am prone to ear infections so I also need hats and muffs to keep mine covered!