Hybrid table saws: The guidelines to pay attention to when buying

Do you know hybrid table saws? It is gradually asserting itself in the market of table saws today. It is increasingly trusted and used by many people. You are hesitating whether or not to buy this table saw or buy other types of table saws as the portable table saw, cabinet table saw. Don’t worry, in this article today I will show you some of the features of this device for you to learn to make the best choice.

Hybrid table saw

Hybrid table saws

About power and speed

If you want to buy a table saw of this type, be assured of its power. Most devices of this type of table saw have engines from 1.1 – 2 HP or 1.2 – 4Hp. However, some machines have engines up to 3HP. In short, if you want to cut hard and thick wood, the bigger the engine the better.

About the power and speed required by the voltage when using this device is about 110V. However, some devices require a power outlet to connect to 220V.

The safety function of the machine

Many people only use manual saws like hand saws. They found that table saws were extremely difficult to use and extremely dangerous. If looking at its large appearance, it might be true.

 Most table saws are equipped with safety features such as protection of blades and rive knives. These two points help prevent potential risks. It is also provided with an appropriate padlock when placing equipment in the classroom or in the home with children to protect people around. The power button of the device is also relatively large to help you turn on and off easily and quickly.

Driving belt

When you are looking to buy the best hybrid table saw, be sure to see if it is implemented with a belt drive.

The belt drive system uses the belt and pulley attached to the saw blade while the equipment is in direct drive. The advantage of this system is torque and longevity. When the engine is away from the saw blade, it will prevent dust, dirt or other particles from shooting into the engine. During the time, the motor may be damaged.

However, with this system, you must always pay attention to regular cleaning to be able to use for a long time.

Dust collector

This is the part you can see in all table saws. An indispensable part, if you want your work area to be clean and loose of dust. If you use a saw for your family, you only need to buy a device equipped with a dust collector to about 4 range. If you use it for a factory, you need to buy a table saw with a larger dust container to hold a lot of dust for a long time.

Size and portability of the device

What is the purpose of buying your saw for? Use for home or factory? Want to leave it in a room or warehouse? Why do I ask these questions? Because as I said above, this type of sawing machine has a relatively large size of about 500 pounds which is difficult to move. However, some machines weigh only 200 pounds, if you want to move, you must also equip the wheels for the machine.

Cutting ability

The saw blade of this machine is extremely durable and sturdy. You can cut most angles from cutting bevel, ripping to miter, … extremely flexible.


Because it is equipped with many outstanding features, the machine has a proportionately high price. You should consider it carefully before buying it.

I have finished talking about the criteria you need to pay attention to and learn when you want to buy the best hybrid table saws as well as other table saws like the best portable table saw. Although this saw has a smaller appearance and is relatively heavy compared to a cabinet saw. But you will never be disappointed with its outstanding features. Hope you will consider and make the right decision.

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