Tiny Kitchen Cooking

So the kitchen in my new apartment is TINY. Thankfully my good friend Whit’s husband made me (yes, made it) a great wooden kitchen cart which has given me some space to prep and I am able to cook a little more. However, cooking for one also presents some challenges. Buying tons of different foods and spices for a couple of meals a week gets pricey fast and I end up having all kinds of stuff I don’t use.

Anyway, if you are a Cardigans and Couture reader you know that Katie has been using Blue Apronlately and when there was a special on Gilt City a few weeks ago I decided to try it out. Basically they send you all the ingredients you need for three meals a week. You can choose vegetarian or meat options.

I got my first box on Friday and I was very impressed. The first meal I made was Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese. I enjoyed the experience because I was able to make a home cooked meal without schleping to the grocery store to pick up a ton of random ingredients, but had all the components I liked about cooking, like taste testing along the way. It was a great meal and I had lots of leftovers.

If you are a busy single or couple looking to take the guess work out of weekly cooking, this might be for you. I don’t think I will do it every week, but I can definitely see myself trying it out again. I like that it gets me out of my cooking comfort zone so I try new things. Next up Braised Beluga Lentils!

A Place at the Table

I love looking at all the pretty holiday decor on Pinterest lately. I also really love a beautifully set table. One of these days, when I host a holiday dinner, I know that creating a pretty tablescape will be one of my favorite things to prepare. For today’s post I am going to showcase two table options: glam and rustic. What is your style?

Get the  glam look with pretty gold chargers, spray painted pumpkins and metallic vases with some Fall flowers (the arrangement below is from Target!).

If you like a simpler or more rustic look, this might be for you. Again using sweet pumpkins, but this time layering in more natural elements to create great style.

To get this look, use lots of natural elements. I think you could easily cut some wood pieces on your own or find someone local to do it, to use on the table. The wicker charger can be used all year-long, IKEA has a really affordable version.  Birch candle holders are a great investment in Fall decor generally and it would be really easy to make your own burlap runner as well. Simple and chic.

Ice Ice Baby

Late last week and over the weekend the cold really started to set in causing me to start thinking about winter coats. In DC its cold, but you can get away with the most basic of winter wear in my view. Not the case here in Boston! December, January and February will be very cold and require lots of bundling when leaving the house.

I think I am looking for two different coats. I want a down puffer jacket to keep me warm and will also be useful in the snow and cold rain that we will get. While a long puffer is attractive, I also like the idea of a shorter one that can double as a ski jacket since I plan to get some skiing in this year. I also want something a little dressier that still keeps me warm but also has some style. My dream dressy coat is the one above from Emerson Fry, a Christmas gift to myself, perhaps?

I also think that it will be important to have some good accessories as well. I love long gloves because it’s so much easier to avoid that little gap between the sleeve of your jacket and the top of the glove.  I am prone to ear infections so I also need hats and muffs to keep mine covered!